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Solar Panel Bird Proofing Explained

One of the very few disadvantages to owning solar panels, is the fact that they are helping to increase the population of pigeons and minor birds in a very big way. Solar panels create a perfect retreat for the above mentioned birds, giving them the freedom to nest without the risk of predators eating their eggs or young. Unfortunately, 0% risk to pigeons creates 100% risk to you, your home and your family. Our Mesh Protect bird proofing system is a guaranteed way to prevent a pigeon infestation from occurring. 

What we do

Prior to installing the bird proofing system, we remove and birds and bird related waste from under the solar panels. We then install the mesh system, using the brilliant clip system that ensures no screws are ever used on your panels OR your roof, then we carry out a DI solar panel clean by I Clean Solar. Once we are finished, your solar panels will be protected by the strongest system available, with it’s subtle powder coated finish that makes it blend in the the panel shadow, and to top it off, your panels will have a spotless finish, ensuring they work at maximum capacity!

The fire risk

When these birds start nesting under your solar panels, they are creating a serious fire risk as they build their nest with dry twigs and leaf debris around the electrical cables of the solar panels. One spark will be all it takes to ignite a fire on your roof top, which can then potentially destroy your home. 

The Health Risk 

The inevitable result of birds living on your roof top is bird poo. The longer they are left to live under your panels, the more poo they produce. That build up has to go somewhere. It runs down to the guttering around your roof line, building up to a point that it starts to infect the rain water running down to your rainwater tank or down pipe outlets. This will of course render your tank water unpotable, and a serious health risk to your family. 

Birds such as pigeons are also host to fleas, ticks, lice, & mites, as well as carry horrible diseases like cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, & salmonella.

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Risk to your dwelling

During the many bird proofing jobs we have carried out, we have also observed damage to the roof sheeting, roof tiles and guttering that has occurred as a direct result of bird activity under solar panels. From oxidisation of metal roof sheeting from the build up of bird waste, to build up of bird waste in gutters blocking the flow of water causing overflow into dwellings and water sitting in gutter causing rusting, plus many other issues. 

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