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Stop wasting time cleaning out your gutters over and over again, and PLEASE do not waste your money on plastic “gutter guard” from your local hardware that will create bigger problems down the track.

Mesh Protect gutter protection system will ensure you will never have to unblock your gutters ever again. Our strong and reliable system has a neat finish that can be colour matched to your roof or gutters and is designed to suit all metal and tiled roofs.

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Gutter guard is needed to prevent this from occurring
What is hiding in your gutter?(And why is Gutter guard so important?)

Every day we find something new hiding in peoples gutters, from bird nests to barbie dolls, tennis balls to over grown weeds! The importance of clear gutters is incredibly under appreciated. A blocked gutter mean rain water during heavy rain can flow into your your house creating large amounts of damage that could be expensive to fix Another risk is that water that is blocked from flowing to your down pipes will sit in your gutter, the longer it sits there, the sooner your guttering will rust.

Rather than letting any of this happen, you could get Mesh Protect to install a quality gutter guard system guaranteed to prevent any blockage of your gutters from occurring, ensuring your home will be from water damage in the future.