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Bird Control Solutions by Mesh Protect

Here at Mesh Protect, we understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to Bird Control, so we offer a large range of options to help you find a solution to permanently keep unwanted birds at bay. For samples of our work check out our Facebook page here

Mesh Protect gutter guard system

Yes, getting a roll of plastic mesh from your local hardware and stuffing in your gutter is cheap, but it is far from effective, and may cause more issues than it will prevent. Mesh Protect offer proven gutter protection solutions that will ensure those heavy rains run free. Our experienced installers have been installing gutter guard systems to all styles of gutters and valleys for over a decade, so you can be sure our service will be effective from day 1. 

Solar Bird Proofing

Mesh Protect Services

Solar Bird Proofing

We install the most effective bird proofing system to solar panels, which comes with a Life Time bird intrusion warranty! Every solar panel bird proofing system also comes with a Half Price Clean from I Clean Solar!


Our professional looking gutter guard system is affordable and effective, guaranteeing your gutter will be protected from anything that tries to get in its way!


Pest species of birds can make a mess around your home, workshop or warehouse. Find out how our bird control systems can prevent these birds from creating a mess and a health risk.

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